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Nizhoni Healthcare Services was founded by a team of clinicians who are patient-focused and experienced with a knack for quality care, respect, accountability, and ethics.

We are specifically located in North Dakota and are servicing Cass County with a hope to grow into other areas.

Our Mission

Through a commitment to service excellence & innovation, Nizhoni strives to provide comprehensive, high-quality home care to our clients while creating a lasting positive difference in their lives, one visit at a time.

Our Vision

Our goal at Nizhoni is to build a bridge that will provide accessible services in a way that respects the needs of each individual and does not exclude anyone. By demonstrating these fundamental beliefs, our Agency will develop a healthcare workforce that is diverse, nondiscriminatory, and ready to deliver modern healthcare.

Reach Us

If you have inquiries or have more questions about us, please contact us.

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