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We are a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency providing services to vulnerable and underserved communities. Traditional VNAs target people who need post-surgical care while disregarding Chronic Disease and Chronic Mental Health patients. Nizhoni aims to provide not only post-surgical care but also service for the Regions Complex Mental Health patients including care for Chronic Health Conditions. We serve the region’s most maligned communities such as the poor, Immigrants, and non-English speakers in addition to the traditional home health recipients.

Why Nizhoni?

Nationally Accredited by CHAP as a testament to our Adherence to the highest standards of care and corporate governance. We conduct Criminal Background Checks at hire and during the course of employment to ensure our patients’ safety. Our staff undergoes continuous training to ensure the patients benefit from the latest care delivery standards. You will love working with our Clinical Team.

Our Mission

Through a commitment to service excellence & innovation, Nizhoni strives to provide comprehensive, high-quality home care to our clients while creating a lasting positive difference in their lives, one visit at a time.

Our Vision

Our goal at Nizhoni is to build a bridge that will provide accessible services in a way that respects the needs of each individual and does not exclude anyone. By demonstrating these fundamental beliefs, our Agency will develop a healthcare workforce that is diverse, nondiscriminatory, and ready to deliver modern healthcare.

Reach Us

If you have inquiries or have more questions about us, please contact us.

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